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Backpack of Snacks CD

Backpack of Snacks CD

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This EP emerged from a self-created color theory writing workshop, where we donned glasses with colored lenses throughout our waking hours. We pondered whether viewing the world through rose-colored glasses could truly impact our perspective and, consequently, our creative output. The exploration of external influences altering our internal outlook led us to question who we would become and what we would create with a fresh, unbroken perspective.

After approximately six months and exposure to five distinct hues, we observed a profound transformation in our songwriting. Daily life, now bathed in monochrome, existed in an altered state that reshaped our perception of each moment. Highlights, lowlights, and the mundane acquired new character, causing fluctuations in our moods, shifts in artistic preferences, and the emergence of fresh viewpoints. The fragility of our preferences gained clarity as we evolved into new versions of ourselves with each new shade.

This music represents the creative expressions of individuals with diverse experiences of the world – we became Brian and Jane in the realms of pink, yellow, blue, orange, and green.

(*song color notated in parentheses)

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